Subscribed Print Journals


Journal Title
1. Bulletin of Materials Science
2. Foundry –Journal of Progressive metal Casters
3. i-manager’s Journal on Mechanical Engineering
4. International Journal of ET and AETS
5. IUP Journal of Mechanical Engineering
6. Journal of Industrial Pollution Control
7. IETE Journal of Education
8. IETE Journal of Research
9. IETE Technical Review
10. i-manager’s Journal on Communication Engineering and Systems
11. i-manager’s Journal on Electronics Engineering
12. Indian Journal of Advances Wireless and Mobile Communications
13. Indian Journal of Digital Electronics & Technology
14. Indian Journal of Embedded Systems in Engineering Research
15. Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics
16. Indian Journal of Signal & Image Processing
17. Indian Journal on VLSI Design
18. IUP Journal of Telecommunications
19. I-manager’s Journal on Computer Science
20. I-manager’s Journal on Embedded Systems
21. I-manager’s Journal on Future Engineering & Technology
22. I-manager’s Journal on Information Technology
23. I-manager’s Journal on Wireless Communication Networks
24. i-manager’s Journal on Software Engineering
25. i-manager’s Journal on Could Computing
26. i-manager’s Journal on Pattern Recognition
27. Indian Journal of Networks and Applications
28. Indian Journal of Optimization Techniques
29. IUP Journal of Computer Sciences
30. IUP Journal of Information Technology
31. i-manager’s Journal on Electrical Engineering
32. IUP Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
33. Indian Journal of Electrical Engineering
34. i-manager’s Journal on Power System Engineering
35. Journal of Energy Storage and Conversion
36. IEEMA Journal
37. Journal of Astrophysics & Astronomy
38. Current Science
39. Pramana – Journal of Physics
40. Proceedings (Mathematical Sciences)
41. Resonance
42. Sadhana
43. Bank Management
44. Brand Management
45. Business Strategy
46. Corporate Governance
47. Entrepreneurship Development
48. Financial Risk Management
49. i-manager’s Journal on Management
50. Marketing Management
51. Organizational Behavior
52. Soft Skills
53. Supply and Chain Management
54. Management Research

1. Civil Service Chronicle
2. Competition Success Review
3. Vivek
4. Yojana
5. Employment News
6. Science Reporter
7. Electronics for you
8. Electrical India
9. Linux for You
10. Motor India
11. Telugu Vidyadri

International Journals

1. International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research
2. International Journal of Electronics & Microcircuits
3. International Journal of VLSI Design
4. International Journal of Electronics & Computers
5. International Journal of Electronics Engineering
6. International Journal of Advanced Computer Engineering
7. International Journal of advances in Software Engg.
8. International Journal of Computer Engineering
9. International Journal of Information Retrieval
10. International Journal of IT & Database Systems
11. International Journal of Electrical Engineering
12. International Journal of Electrical Energy Systems
13. International Journal of Power Electronics & Technology
14. International Journal of Power Engineering
15. International Journal of Integrated Energy Systems
16. Total:
17. International Journal of Material Science
18. International Journal of Engineering & Manufacturing Science
19. International Journal of Fluid Mechanics
20. International Journal of Production Design






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