Rules & Regulations


  • Rules for borrowing of books:
    1. Books are issued to member’s library with the help of individual pass book and user cards
    2. Each member can borrow a maximum of two books for 15 days.
    3. User cards not transferable.
    4. Borrowed books are renewed only once, if there is no demand.
    5. Reference books will not be issued.
  • Over due charges, recovery for loss/Damage/Non-Return:
    1. Over due charges are levied from due date at Rs.2 per day.
    2. If borrower loses the book, he should pay double the cost of book to the library
  • Discipline and Decorum:
    1. Members should observe strict silence in library
    2. Personal belongings should not be taken inside the library.
    3. Disciplinary action will be taken for misuse/damage to book materials.
    4. Readers should not replace books and after use should leave the books on the reading tables.
    5. Members should sign in the register at the entrance and should show their identify card on demand.


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